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Overseas Study

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About the College


Subjects Offered Through This College

International Degree(INTL)
OS/Aarhus, Denmark(OAAR)
OS/Academic Programs Intl(OAPI)
OS/Accra, Ghana(OGHA)
OS/AHA International(OAHA)
OS/Akita, Japan(OAKI)
OS/Angers, France(OANG)
OS/Art and Architecture Tour(ODH1)
OS/Athens, Greece(OATH)
OS/Bad Mergentheim, Germany(OBMB)
OS/Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany(OBWU)
OS/Bangkok, Thailand(OCHU)
OS/Bangor, Wales(OBAN)
OS/Bathurst or Wagga, Australi(OCSU)
OS/Beijing Lang&Culture, China(OBLC)
OS/British Columbia(OUBC)
OS/Canberra, Australia(OANU)
OS/Cantabria, Santander, Spain(OCAN)
OS/Centers in Czech Republic(OMEN)
OS/Chiang Mai, Thailand(OPAY)
OS/Chillan, Chile(OBIO)
OS/Christchurch, New Zealand(OCBY)
OS/Christchurch, New Zealand(ONZC)
OS/CIEE study abroad(OCIE)
OS/Copenhagen, Denmark(OCBS)
OS/Cuban Culture and Politics(OCUB)
OS/Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Me(OTEC)
OS/Dublin, Ireland(ODUB)
OS/Explor World Agr Study Tour(OEWA)
OS/Fashion Week Study Tour(ODH2)
OS/Fez, Morocco(OFEZ)
OS/Florence, Italy(OSAC)
OS/Forest Management in Spain(OSPA)
OS/Global E3 Program(OGE3)
OS/Hong Kong, China(OCHK)
OS/Institute for Study Abroad(OIFS)
OS/Int'l Ugrad Research Prog(OIRP)
OS/INTO Study Abroad(OIN2)
OS/Jyvaskyla, Finland(OJYV)
OS/Kala Raksha, India(OIND)
OS/Kristiansand, Norway(OAGD)
OS/Kyoto, Japan, Doshisha(ODOS)
OS/Lancaster, England(OLAN)
OS/London, England(OLON)
OS/Lulea, Sweden(OLUL)
OS/Lund, Sweden(OLUN)
OS/Lyngby, Denmark(ODTU)
OS/Lyon, France(OLYO)
OS/Macerata, Italy(OMAC)
OS/Morelia, Mexico(OMOR)
OS/National Taiwan University(ONTU)
OS/Nottingham, England(ONOT)
OS/Petition Programs(OPET)
OS/Poitiers, France(OPOI)
OS/Puebla, Mexico (Summer)(OUDL)
OS/Queretaro, Mexico(OQRO)
OS/Quito, Ecuador(OQUI)
OS/Quito, Ecuador(OUSF)
OS/Rosario, Argentina(OROS)
OS/Saarlands, Germany(OSAR)
OS/School for Field Studies(OSFS)
OS/School for Intl Training(OSIT)
OS/Sea Semester(OSSS)
OS/Segovia, Spain(OSEG)
OS/Semester at Sea(OSAS)
OS/Seoul Dankook Exchange(ODKU)
OS/Seoul, South Korea(OEWH)
OS/Seoul, South Korea(OYON)
OS/Sicily Summer Prgm, Italy(OSIC)
OS/Siena, Italy(OSIE)
OS/South Korea(OYEU)
OS/Stellenbosch, South Africa(OSTE)
OS/Study Center in Australia(ODEA)
OS/Study in Costa Rica(OCOS)
OS/Sussex, England(OSUS)
OS/Sydney, Australia(OSYD)
OS/Sydney, Australia(OUTS)
OS/Sydney, Australia(OUMA)
OS/Taipei, Taiwan(OFJU)
OS/Taipei, Taiwan Fu Jen Univ.(OFJX)
OS/Tokyo, Aoyama Gakuim Univ.(OAGU)
OS/Tokyo, Waseda University(OWAS)
OS/Townsville, Australia(OJCU)
OS/Tubingen, Germany(OSIP)
OS/Tunis, Tunisia(OTUN)
OS/U College Cork, Ireland(OCOR)
OS/U of Limerick, Ireland(OLIM)
OS/UHC Intl Service Learning(OUHC)
OS/Univ of Sheffield, England(OSHF)
OS/Various Locations Abroad(OSAB)
OS/Vienna, Austria(OVIE)
OS/Vienna, Austria(OVUE)
OS/Winter term in Chile(OCHI)


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