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 Associated Students of Oregon State University

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110 Student Experience Center
541-737-5560 FAX

The Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) is an alliance encompassing all students at OSU. The elected and appointed officers comprise the officially recognized student government at OSU. The ASOSU represents students at the campus, community, state, and federal levels on issues that directly influence the quality of, and access to, postsecondary education. ASOSU provides numerous opportunities for leadership development and professional experience in areas as diverse as political organizing and other forms of social activism.

The structure of ASOSU is similar to other forms of national government. Governance is shared among three branches–the legislative, judicial, and executive. The legislative portion is divided into two bodies, the ASOSU House of Representatives and the ASOSU Senate. House Representatives and Senators are elected by popular vote during the student officer elections in spring term of each academic year. The judiciary function in ASOSU is carried out by the Judicial Council. The Judicial Council, comprised of seven students at large, oversees any controversies or cases that involve interpretation of the ASOSU Constitution.

The Executive branch is led by the president and vice president whom are elected as a ticket by popular vote of the entire student body. Upon election, this executive duo appoints executive officers, service directors, 10 taskforce directors, as well as various support staff. Each executive appointee is subject to approval by the ASOSU Congress. Those seeking employment with ASOSU are welcome and encouraged to apply for positions during the spring hiring process, which usually takes place early in May.

ASOSU is constantly seeking interns and volunteers and future leaders who are ambitious about making a difference in the lives of OSU students.

There are a number of ways to get involved in a broad range of interests and topics. One of the easiest ways to get involved in ASOSU is to simply volunteer. Volunteers work at their own pace and chose their level of involvement.

Through the ASOSU Organizing for Social Change Internship Program, students spend between 2 to 6 hours per week working with any of the various members of the executive branch, as well as attend a class one night a week to learn fundamental leadership and organizing skills. The Internship is a great way to create your own path into campus governance at OSU.

Students can also serve as representative on one of the various campus committees at OSU that govern issues ranging from public safety to budgets and fiscal planning. Students who serve on a university committee are eligible to receive academic credit.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the nation’s premiere student governments, or have any questions or concerns regarding any other matter, please feel free to contact ASOSU any time.

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