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 Graduation Application, Multiple Degrees, Grade Reports

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Double Degrees

A student may earn multiple, different degrees simultaneously. Additional degrees may also be earned after your first degree was awarded. The degrees may be offered by the same college, or by different colleges. To earn a double degree, or for each additional degree, a student must complete a minimum of 32 credits above the minimum number of credits needed for one of the degrees. Each degree application is reviewed by the appropriate academic advisor. Advisors complete a separate graduation audit for each of the degrees.

On the student’s academic record, each degree awarded will be recorded as a separate degree with its major, e.g., Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts in English. The student will also receive a separate diploma for each degree awarded (See Academic Regulation 26).

Some double-degree programs — Education (BA, BS, HBA, HBS), Innovation Management (BA, BS, HBA, HBS), Sustainability (BS, HBS), International Studies (BA, HBA) — require that a primary degree be completed in order for the secondary degree to be awarded. When multiple degrees are not dependent on one another, one of the degrees may be awarded even though requirements for the other degree have not yet met. The double degree may be earned concurrently or subsequently. (See Academic Regulation 26.)

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Dual (or Multiple) Majors

A student may earn two or more majors within a single degree program (a particular combination of degree, college, and campus, e.g., BA degree from the College of Liberal Arts on the Corvallis campus). It is sometimes possible to complete two or more majors within the minimum number of credits required for a degree, but usually the student must complete additional credits to complete requirements for all of their majors. For this reason, dual (or multiple) majors are obtained within the same college. The advisor must complete one graduation audit that includes all of the majors. The student’s academic record will list one degree with two or more majors, e.g., Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Chemistry. The student receives one diploma. Dual (or multiple) majors may be obtained concurrently with the completion of the degree, or in some cases may be earned as a credential subsequent to completion of the degree. (See Academic Regulation 27.)

Note: Occasionally, with careful planning, a student can complete two majors from separate colleges in less than the 212 credits required for two degrees. When this occurs a student can petition for an exception, and graduate with two majors from separate colleges. The student must pick one college as their home college and all majors will be associated with the home college. The student must have the support of advisors from both major programs to have their petition considered.

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Honors Degrees

Students completing the honors college curriculum receive an honors degree in the college of their major, e.g., HBS Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or HBA Honors Bachelor of Arts in English. In some cases it might be possible for an Honors College student to earn multiple degrees simultaneously by following the double degrees requirements outlined in Academic Regulation 26.

Students seeking an honors degree must meet the requirements of the Honors College in order to receive their degree. Students that complete an Honors degree will have the honors degree recorded on their academic record. The student’s diploma will also include the honors degree designation (e.g., Honors Bachelor of Science, etc.).

Note: Honors degrees are not currently available to Ecampus students.

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Student Grades

Student grades may be obtained via MyOSU at select Student, then Student Grades. Or obtain an unofficial transcript under Academic Profile, and click on Transcript. Grades are not automatically mailed to the student.

You may request a transcript via the Web at no charge:

Grades, GPA calculations, and academic standings are not complete and final prior to 8 a.m. on the Wednesday following the final exam week. Grades and GPAs appearing prior to that day may be incomplete.

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Undergraduate Graduation—MyDegrees

Are you ready to graduate? You might be!

Before submitting your application to graduate, please confirm that your academic program is correctly recorded. Incorrect academic program information gives inaccurate evaluations. To make corrections in your academic program, contact the Registrar’s Office and make the changes prior to submitting a graduation application.

Check if you’ve completed your degree requirements

Meet with your advisor and review your MyDegrees Checklist and confirm that general university requirements are met:

  1. Log in to MyOSU at
  2. Select Student
  3. Under My Student Stuff, choose 'MyDegrees'

Take time to note:

  1. Major, Minor and Option: Confirm that your academic program is correctly stated
  2. Degree: (BS, BA, BFA, etc.) Confirm that your degree is correct
  3. The total of your Credits Required and Credits Applied
  4. Upper-division credits required and earned (this will not appear if the requirement is met)
  5. Degree requirements that have not yet been met

With your advisor, determine which term you will complete your studies and submit your application to graduate. If you will be completing multiple degrees you will need to submit a separate application for each degree.

  1. Log in to MyOSU at
  2. Select Student
  3. Under My Student Stuff, choose 'Apply to Graduate'

Application for a Degree: To become a candidate for a degree, a student must have achieved senior standing and must make formal application for the degree. It is recommended that the student file an application with the Registrar prior to the term in which he or she wishes to graduate. The student’s deadline to file an application with the Registrar is the end of the second week of the term in which he or she expects to complete requirements for a degree. Graduation applications are submitted through MyOSU,

MyDegrees is a web-based degree checklist program and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in reviewing degree progress. It organizes a student’s academic transcript chronologically and categorically, identifying courses they have completed and courses still needed to fulfill the degree requirements.

From the beginning of your academic career MyDegrees allows you to monitor your progress toward your degree. Students may access this tool through MyOSU at, or through links on the Registrar’s Office home page, Video tutorials on how to use MyDegrees are available on the Registrar's website at

The Registrar’s Office works with your advisor to update and maintain an accurate degree audit that will be used to clear your degree requirements during the final term of your undergraduate year.

Commencement exercises are held once yearly in June and attendance is optional. Students who have graduated in the previous summer, fall or winter terms and senior-level students who have a pending graduation application for spring, summer, or fall terms may participate in the June Commencement exercises.

Ecampus students planning to travel to Corvallis for Commencement can contact Ecampus Student Services for additional information.

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